About Us

 Eyewear for the Iconoclast. Eye health for all.  

We are an independently owned and operated eyewear brand that was created in 2022 in Los Angeles, CA by Entrepreneur and Senior Cancer Research and Life Science Professional; Crystal Crawford, MBA. Crystal has been in Cancer Research and Life Science for over 13 years and is just one of the many adults who needs to wear eyeglasses her entire life and always felt like shopping for eyewear was a burden and she was never able to find a pair of frames that gave her confidence in her style.  

Particularly, there are less than 1% of Black-Owned designer eyewear brands that exist. With the current styles of frames and quality on the market looking for eyeglasses became more of task than a need. In response she created Liberated Eyewear an independent brand that meets the demands of high fashion modern styles and the needs of corrective vision with advanced premium prescription lens, while reenforcing the importance of eye health. Liberated Eyewear presents a health focused solution with bold designs. While representing diverse ownership in the eyewear market. 

Crystal never believed in following trends or following others yet she has always found true liberation in just being herself and making some noise along the way. Iconoclasts by birth and troublemaker by fate, Crystal felt compelled to create an eyewear brand that represents everyone who doesn't fit in the standard ideology of what someone should be, rather who they want to be while reinforcing the importance of eye health combing authentic style and quality for all. 

 "Liberated is who I am."


Why Us?

Liberated Eyewear is dedicated to infusing edginess, modernity, and eclecticism into the eyewear industry, empowering individuals to embrace their authentic selves through bold, distinctive eyewear. 

"Celebrating who you are is the best form of self-love"

 We offer a modern lifestyle accessory of designer sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses that embodies Liberated’s signature designs for Men and Women. The Liberated brand represents a powerful ethos of individuality and authenticity. Our critically acclaimed eyewear collection draws inspiration from elevating individualism, and is a creative departure from the everyday look with new details in an unexpected selection of shapes, color, and styles. You can shop for your favorite pair, customize your lens for prescription backed by our advanced lab from the comfort of your own home, dorm room, or office.



In a world where trends dictate how one should been seen in society, Liberated Eyewear serves as a powerful ethos of self liberation and individuality.




Independently owned and operated.