Being Liberated

"Not everybody will understand you and that's ok. Its's empowering to show up in any and every space being unapologetically yourself. Throw ya shades on, do you and block out the bull**t."

~Crystal Crawford, MBA Founder/Owner

  • Audience Choice Award recipient, 2023.
  • 1st place HerStory Pitch Competition, Women's History Month, 2023.

The Birth Of An Eyewear Brand

Iconoclasts: Those who enjoy defying societal norms and expectations may choose unique eyewear to express their non-conformist beliefs and attitudes.



The Liberated brand was created in 2022 in Los Angeles, CA by a Black Woman; Entrepreneur and Senior Cancer Research Professional; Crystal Crawford. Crystal is just one of the many adults who needs to wear eyeglasses her entire life. However, she wasn't able to find a pair stylish enough to compliment her personal style, particular there are less than 3% of Black-Owned designer eyewear brands that exist. So she felt compelled to create an eyewear brand that represents the uniqueness of her and her culture while reinforcing the message of eye health. 

While eyewear may seem frivolous to many, over 161 million adults require corrective vision while 100% of adults can benefit from vision performance lens that supports eye health and filters blue light and glare from entering the eyes. From minimal styles to trendy twist Liberated has what you are looking for in your next specs. Our eyewear is designed to elevate individualism. We love being able to address the visual needs to today's adults by connecting them with the style of eyewear they want and the quality of eyewear that they need. 

In a world where it seems like individualism is dying we still value those who stay true to themselves. We pride ourselves on offering distinctive pairs from uniquely styled geometric shapes to reflective lenses you won't find anywhere else this brand was created to encompass what it means to be LIBERATED in celebrating your own style. Each pair is curated by a brand professional that is manufactured with premium materials and designed to elevate your look regardless if your require corrective vision or not you will enjoy wearing a pair of frames that matches your favorite outfit. 

Customized Services

Liberated is the only eyewear brand that offers a comprehensive collection of sunglasses and optic frame company that offers Virtual Styling program lead by certified Eyewear Stylist. We offered the latest and most cutting edge technology in our Virtual Try on that provides over a 90% accurate fitting. Our customize services will match you with a pair you love and embrace your personal style. 


Quality Matters

The Liberated brand is committed to maintain quality and service to our customers as we grow and expand. We use only high quality materials with our eyewear and our packaging that supports eye health and different lifestyles.


We love offering you unique and stylish designer eyewear 

The comprehensive collection is inspired by uniqueness, vintage glam and refined trends that stand the test of time. We offer the complete designer experience from our personal shopper services, down to our high quality complementary signature packaging that comes with each pair,

We are excited to bring you what's in store as we build an eyewear company inspired by the dynamic of you!


"Your face is a masterpiece, FRAME it well."




Independently owned and operated