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Men's Sunglasses

Carefully curated statement pieces featuring unique reflections and timeliness looks.

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Cuba - Liberated Eyewear, Inc. round vintage style men's style sunglasses made with a metal frame.
Regular price $110.00
Vanguard - Liberated Eyewear, Inc. designer thick square retro sunglasses in black
Regular price $65.00
UFO - Liberated Eyewear, Inc designer . Mazzucchelli Acetate flat top sunglasses
Regular price $120.00
Turks - Liberated Eyewear, Inc. designer aviator sunglasses for men, vintage style sunglasses
Regular price $120.00
Money Shot - Liberated Eyewear, Inc. square rerto designer sunglasses
Regular price $110.00
Desperado - Liberated Eyewear, Inc. flat top oversized black sunglasses for men. Men's designer sunglasses made with acetate and metal
Regular price $110.00

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