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Kelly - Liberated Eyewear, Inc.

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  • Cuba - Liberated Eyewear, Inc. round vintage style men's style sunglasses made with a metal frame.
    Regular price $110.00
  • Vanguard - Liberated Eyewear, Inc. designer thick square retro sunglasses in black
    Regular price $65.00
  • UFO - Liberated Eyewear, Inc designer . Mazzucchelli Acetate flat top sunglasses
    Regular price $120.00
  • Turks - Liberated Eyewear, Inc. designer aviator sunglasses for men, vintage style sunglasses
    Regular price $120.00
  • Money Shot - Liberated Eyewear, Inc. square rerto designer sunglasses
    Regular price $110.00
  • Desperado - Liberated Eyewear, Inc. flat top oversized black sunglasses for men. Men's designer sunglasses made with acetate and metal
    Regular price $110.00
  • Closed Caption - Liberated Eyewear, Inc. round sunglasses with a cameral nylon lens and metal frame for men and wormen.
    Regular price $110.00
  • men's black wayfarer sunglasses ,mazzucchelli acetate sunglasses, best wayfayers
    Regular price $95.00

Invision Magazine Editor's Pick of 2024


Clario - Liberated Eyewear, Inc.
  • Better Visual Experience

    Customize your lens for the ultimate visual experience with our high performance single vision and progressive vision lens.

  • Quality

    High Quality frames crafted from fine materials for durability and comfort.

  • Protection

    UV 400 protection sunglasses with correct polarization.

  • Style

    Fashion Forward Designs featured in several eyewear fashion magazines and outlets designed to make a bold statement.


  • Eyewear with a health focused solution.

    Advanced prescription lens Visual Perfection and Maxview prescription lens designed to enhance visual experience and promote eyehealth.

  • Vanguard - Liberated Eyewear, Inc.


    Real quality, real materials designed for durability and comfort. extensive testing at our manufacturing facility to ensure safety and product standards.

  • Emma - Liberated Eyewear, Inc.

    Signature Packaging

    Liberated Eyewear stands out with high-quality packaging that not only protects eyewear but also serves as elegant home or office décor. This attention to detail extends the lifetime of the eyewear, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  • Vanguard - Liberated Eyewear, Inc.

    Designed for life

    A comprehensive collection of eyewear with bold and disinvite designs to celebrate your individual style.

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