Liberated Eyewear Protection Plan and Policy


Purchase a Liberated Eyewear's One-Year Extended Warranty so you can make sure your glasses are covered, whether you need a repair or replacement. Your vision is our priority.

Remake Policies:

Remakes Changes/Cancellations: For any prescription not yet in process can be canceled at no charge. If your prescription is already in process and cannot be changed, we will charge 50% for the change of the prescription lens. This includes eyewear not shipped but has been processed by our lab.

Non-Adapt policies: For those non-adapt we will remake a non-adapt progressive lens one time, In the same frame.Thereafter a one time no questions ask remake will be honored free of charge.

Drs. Remake: Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal -- 50% discount on order within 90 days of the original order. You can use the 50% discount as many times as you need within those 90 days. Thereafter a one time no questions ask remake will be honored free of charge.  

Drs. Remake: Progressive -- 1 time remake for any reason at no charge within 90 days of the original order. All remakes after 90 days are processed at 50% within 90 days of the original order. You can use the 50% as many times as needed within those 90 days.Thereafter a one time no questions ask remake will be honored free of charge.

Warranty Policies:

Normal use: Normal use of the lenses is determined by the lab. Any lens that has been determined “abused” will ship out at standard billing and is not subject to Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Scratch Coating: Scratch coated lenses will be remade one time due to manufacturers defects, within one year of the original invoice date. Uncoated lenses have no scratch warranty.

Non-Glare: Visual Perception Basic will have a 1 year/ 1 replacement against AR coating manufacturers defects. Everything must match the original order. Any changes made are subject to charge. All other VP AR coatings will have a 2-year unlimited replacement against AR manufacturers defects. Accounts will receive a 1-time replacement for standard scratches with 2 years of the original order.

Mirror Coating: Mirror Coatings have no scratch warranty.

Drilled Rimless: Our lab will not process CR39 or 1.74 drilled rimless frame orders. There is also no warranty on lenses enclosed for rimless frame mounting. We will not process drilled rimless glasses. All other drilled rimless frames will receive our regular warranty.

    Managed Care: We abide by the remake and warranty policies of all the managed care plans we partner with. Please refer to each plan’s policies for specific warranty information.

    Second-Pair Discount: Our second pair program allows you get a second pair or prescription glasses half off should you purchase another pair within 90 days. One pair of eyewear does not complete your visual needs. Prescription sunglasses, computer glasses, safety eyewear, and occupational lenses will complete your  needs.

    Receive a 50% discount on second pair of lenses ordered within 90 days of the original purchase date.

    1. The highest price pair of eyewear will be considered the “original “order.
    2. 50% will be deducted from the less expensive order. Not eligible with any other offer
    3. Eyewear purchased outside of Liberated Eyewear is not eligible for a second pair discount.
    4. Can be used under your protection plan should you not be signed up for rewards.

    Damages and issues
    Please inspect your order upon reception and contact us immediately if the item is defective, or damaged or if you receive the wrong item so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right. Should your eyewear be damaged during transit you may replace the item with another product of equal cost. You must report the damage to your eyewear within 3 days of receipt by contacting the email address listed below. Please place your order number in the subject line of the email and pictures of the damage provided in the body of the email to help process your claim. Each claim will be reviewed and processed for approval of replacement items. 

       If your eyewear is not shipped to you within 2 weeks from purchase, we will always honor the day you receive your glasses as the first day of the One-Year Eyewear Protection coverage. Coverage lasts one year from the pick-up date and is not renewable past year one. Please see our policy below:

      To Obtain Service: If your product experiences a Non-Adapt, Doctor’s Remake, or breakdown, or warranty coverage return your glasses to our location 3680 Wilshire Blvd. P04-1546 Los Angeles, CA 90242 from your online purchase, or any other participating Liberated Eyewear location if you are unable to return to your original location. Please have your Plan handy and be prepared to tell us which product needs service and the nature of the problem. 

      What is Covered: This Plan covers parts and labor costs to repair your product in the event your product experiences a breakdown which is not covered under any other warranty or service contract. We will repair or replace the product, at our discretion, when required due to a breakdown. Non-original manufacturer's parts may be used for repair of the product if the manufacturer's parts are unavailable or more costly. You are responsible for delivery or the cost of delivery of your product to the authorized service center for repair, per our instructions. If the covered product cannot be repaired, if the cost of the repair exceeds the original purchase price, or if parts are no longer available due to the age of the product or due to discontinuance by the manufacturer, we will replace your product with a product of like kind and quality that performs to the factory specifications of the original product. At our sole discretion, we may require that you return the covered product to a designated location as a condition to receiving a replacement product.

      Term of Coverage: Your term and coverage commence on your date of purchase and continues for the period indicated on your sales receipt. The term of this plan can be extended an additional two (2) weeks to accommodate for the preparation of your product.

      To obtain a large-type copy of the terms and conditions of this Contract,

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