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How To Make A Statement With Your Eyewear – Some pointers

How To Make A Statement With Your Eyewear – Some pointers



If you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, statement eyewear is a great option. Statement glasses and sunglasses have a unique look and style. They’re often called “outfit glasses,” because they’re meant to accentuate a particular style or outfit. We're here to discuss a few things you can do to make a statement with your eyewear. 

Coordinate with your fit

  • It’s important to think about how your outfit can coordinate with your glasses. For example, if you wear vintage Retro Me This you can make a statement by wearing ‘60s-inspired clothing like slacks, a sweater vest, and a dress shirt.
  • This is why people who have statement glasses often have more than one pair. They can rotate their glasses to match their current style and the outfit they want to wear. And with the reasonable prices offered by Liberated, it’s easy to get a few distinctive pairs of glasses without breaking the bank. 

Stand Out With Bright Colors

  • Beyond frames style, color is another key consideration when buying a pair of statement glasses. Colors like dark blue, brown, black, and tortoiseshell are more reserved.
  • In contrast, bright and funky colors like green, orange, red, and bright blue are great options if you want a set of frames that stand apart from the rest, try our Sharpie frames. Whether you add prescription to these frames or not they are bound to make a statement.


  • Beyond clothing, there are some other great accessories you can wear with your glasses to bring out their style. For example, if you have gold-rimmed glasses like our Beatrix frames, you could wear a small gold chain to set off the color of the glasses. Or, you could wear a bright and chunky necklace or earrings to accentuate the other colors of your outfit. The possibilities are limitless!

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By Mona Liza Sumaya

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