Planet Impact

    We clean up after ourselves

In a world grappling with the consequences of climate change, the importance of sustainable business practices cannot be overstated. Liberated Eyewear's commitment to reducing their carbon footprint sets a powerful example for businesses everywhere. By prioritizing eco-friendly materials, carbon-neutral operations, and consumer education, they are not only minimizing their environmental impact but also paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future in our Planet Impact Climate Commitment. 
Ecommerce deliveries have a carbon footprint. That's why we support cutting-edge companies that remove carbon from the air in our Climate Commitment.
Together, participating businesses have…
  • Removed thousands of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere
  • Provided carbon-neutral shipping on more than ten million orders
Here's how it works: For every order we receive, a formula is used to calculate the estimated shipping emissions. Based on those estimates, a portion of our revenue goes to carbon removal companies that have been vetted by scientists from Carbon Direct. Those companies use that money to remove however much carbon our shipments created. Any extra funds go toward the further development of carbon removal technologies.
Let's meet a few of the companies removing our shipping emissions:

Grassroots Carbon

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Grassroots Carbon helps ranchers modify land management practices to improve soil and ecological health, which captures and stores more carbon in soil.

Mast Reforestation

Drones over a forest
Mast Reforestation combines proven forestry practices with new technology to regrow healthy, resilient, climate-adapted forests lost to wildfires. Mast’s services include seed collection, seedling cultivation, reforestation services, and financing based on high-quality carbon removal credits.  Recognizing that collaboration is key to driving meaningful change, Liberated Eyewear collaborates with like-minded organizations and initiatives that share their vision for sustainability. Whether it's partnering with environmental NGOs or joining industry-wide sustainability initiatives, they leverage collective efforts to amplify their impact and inspire widespread change within the eyewear industry and beyond with our Carbon Neural shipping on all orders. 

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