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Designer eyewear that offers the perfect craftsmanship. The eyewear is handcrafted or manufactured in an independent facility and made of acetate, or maazzuchelli acetate, TR90, metal, nylon lens, or polycarbonate(PC), or high-quality biodegradable materials. All products meet the U.S. Standard of ANSI Z80.3-2015 and are also CE certified to meet European Standards. They are indeed UV400 Protected and protect against harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. 100% UVA and UVB Protection CE - Lenses are UV

Category Filter 3 -also durable frames, premium lens, for better visual experiences. All items are handled with White Glove to avoid smudges and marks prior to shipment.

 Our Process

  • A CNC machine cuts a general frame shape from raw high quality acetate, PC, and TR90 sheets.
  • Metal sheet is rolled to the correct thinness and the final shape is stamp cut or milled to the necessary size and shape. Metal frames are plated only after they are produced so it takes less time to start producing metal frames than it does acetate frames.
  • Our Eco-friendly sunglasses are made of recycled ocean plastic, recycled materials such as recycled aluminum.
Lenses are precisely milled into their correct shape using a CNC machine.
Lenses are carefully mounted into the frame. Lens are made from a variety of quality materials to promote eye health and support vision performance. Our sunglasses offer UV 400 protection and can be made with high quality PC for impact resistance or nylon for a more sophisticated look.

Our unique trademarked logo is carefully applied by the most preferred techniques by trained and certified professionals. Our frames are then finished off with top notch Baking Compression and Polishing Techniques.


Each pair is sent for a final review, where the quality and lens is checked one last time inspection and multiple quality inspections and durability test are ran by our manufacturer prior to shipment and off they go! 

Off They Go

After the frames are individually inspected and bench aligned, they’re packaged up and ready for you! Our manufactures are committed to the continuous upgrade of product quality and design since its inception. We are providing high-quality eyeglasses. Each pair of frames are handled with White Glove treatment to carefully avoid smudge, scratches and marks on lens and frames prior to consumer usage and are shipped from our shipping/receiving address in Los Angeles.

We make high standards our priority 

In the United States, eyeglasses must comply with specific regulatory standards to ensure safety and effectiveness. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversees the manufacturing and distribution of eyewear, ensuring that lenses meet optical quality standards and that frames are durable. Compliance also extends to the accurate labeling of prescription lenses.

More than 50% of our frames are high quality acetate frames. There are also TR9O, Plastic, and Metal. Our manufacturer have strict quality control system, our products have earned high evaluation globally. 



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